Tommy Gregson
Tommy Gregson 250px
Season(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Portrayed by Aidan Quinn
First seen Pilot
Episode count 110
Status Alive
Occupation Captain of the New York City Police Department 11th Precinct
Spouse(s) Cheryl Gregson
Children Hannah Gregson, Several unnamed daughters
Other relatives Unnamed mother-in-law

Thomas "Tommy" Gregson is a NYPD Captain of the 11th precinct. He previously worked at Scotland Yard which is where he met Sherlock Holmes.



Tommy Gregson started working for the NYPD thirty years ago.[1] He was assigned to Scotland Yard a few months after the September 11 attacks to observe their counter-terrorism bureau. Although Sherlock was mostly assigned to homicides, their paths still crossed a few times. Ten years later, When Sherlock moves to New York City where Tommy currently lives and works as Captain of the New York Police Department, he hires him as a consultant detective.[2]

He is married to Cheryl Gregson, and has several adult daughters.[3][4] One of them is named Hannah and she works as a police officer at the same precinct as her father and wishes to become a captain like him (Rip Off).

Season oneEdit

When Sherlock is kidnapped, Joan becomes worried when he doesn't answer her messages. Suspecting that he may have relapsed, she tells Tommy that she's a sober companion for recovering drug addicts, and that Sherlock is her client. After Sherlock is found, Tommy tells him that he knew he was in rehabilitation before he hired him to work for the NYPD, and that since his services as a consulting detective hasn't altered, he doesn't see a problem with it.[5]

Season twoEdit

It is revealed after a break-in in his house that he and his wife are on a trial separation. Cheryl is tired of Tommy's job being prioritized over her, but Tommy thinks the trial separation is just a break for Cheryl and that she'll come back. After realizing why his wife wanted a separation, he lets her know that she deserves better and that he is going to use the separation to figure out how to give it to her.[4] Does Tommy dye his hair in the first few episodes of season 2 but then not in the later episodes?


Season one appearances
Pilot While You Were Sleeping Child Predator Rat Race
Lesser Evils Flight Risk One Way to Get Off The Long Fuse
You Do It to Yourself The Leviathan Dirty Laundry M.
The Red Team The Deductionist A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs Details
Possibility Two Déjà Vu All Over Again Snow Angels Dead Man's Switch
A Landmark Story Risk Management The Woman Heroine
Season two appearances
Step Nine Solve for X We Are Everyone Poison Pen
Ancient History An Unnatural Arrangement The Marchioness Blood Is Thicker
On the Line Tremors Internal Audit The Diabolical Kind
All in the Family Dead Clade Walking Corpse de Ballet The One Percent Solution
Ears to You The Hound Of Cancer Cells The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville No Lack of Void
The Man With the Twisted Lip Paint It Black Art in the Blood The Grand Experiment

Family treeEdit

Tommy Gregson
Cheryl Gregson
Several daughters

See alsoEdit

Arthur Conan Doyle's Inspector Gregson on Wikipedia, which Elementary's Tommy Gregson is based on.


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