The Five Orange Pipz
The Five Orange Pipz
Directed by Larry Teng
Written by Bob Goodman
Air date November 6,2014
Episode chronology
Previous "Enough Nemesis To Go Around"
Next "Just a Regular Irregular"
The Five Orange Pipz is the second episode of season three of Elementary, and the fiftieth episode of the series. It's written by Bob Goodman and directed by Larry Teng. It's set to premiere on November 6, 2014.

Summary Edit

When Sherlock and Joan join forces on a double homicide, Sherlock’s new apprentice threatens the investigation when she allows her jealousy of Sherlock and Joan's work rapport to override her better judgement.

5 orange pips are found next to two murdered men. The first man is the lawyer and the second is a toymaker who was selling poisonous toys which killed 4 of 9 children who swallowed them. The toymaker was being sued by the state attorney. She is teh initial suspect in the investigation, which soon shows that another person had a motive for killing the two people. That person was someone who coupd steal the inventory from the toy factory and sell it on teh street for teh drug that it was.