Natalie Dormer guest stars as Jamie Moriarty Irene Adler with Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes with a painting of Joan Watson in CBS Elementary Season 2 Episode 12 The Diabolical Kind

"The Diabolical Kind"
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Season: Two — Episode: 12
Director: Larry Teng — Writer: Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny — Aired: January 2, 2014 — Viewers (millions): 9.04
Summary: Holmes and Watson come face to face with Jamie Moriarty when their one-time adversary is brought in as a consultant on a kidnapping case. Meanwhile, Detective Bell continues his struggle on the road to recovery.


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I'm not sure I am one of them.
— Sherlock to Moriarty



  • Another of Sherlock's hiding places is revealed. He keeps the letters from Moriarty hidden in one of the beekeeping boxes.


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