The Brownstone
S02-The Brownstone
Season(s) All
First appearance Pilot
Name The Brownstone
Type House
Location Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.
Owner Morland Holmes
The Brownstone is a house located in New York City at 42 Stanford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11209. It is owned by Sherlock Holmes' father, and is home to Sherlock and Joan Watson. The house consists of at least four floors, including a basement,("Flight Risk") and a terrace on the roof. The roof has a view of Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan, and is also where Sherlock keeps his bees.




  • Watson's office is in the basement though Sherlock helps himself to its use.

First Floor

Second Floor

  • The second floor contains Watson's bedroom, a workroom, media room and bathroom.

Back Door


  • Sherlock hides the letters from Moriarty in one of the beekeeping boxes on the roof. ("The Diabolical Kind")

Behind the Scenes

  • Although the brownstone is in Brooklyn on the show, the outside of the building is shot in Harlem, New York City, with interiors shot at Silvercup Studios in Queens.[1][2][3] The roof is a real rooftop in New York City and is located on a parking garage at the corner of 10th St & 44th Av.[4][5]
  • The Brownstone is also seen on W 121st Street (near the intersection with Malcolm X Blvd), just around the corner from "Owens Funeral Home" in Harlem. ("Wrong Side of the Road")


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