Watson, I value you as a person.

When I look back at the last 18 months I often categorize it as a grand experiment. The results which has demonstrated to me, much to my surpass, that I am capable can change. So, I will change... For you. For the sake of our partnership. For the sake of our work. Stay.

Sherlock and Watson
General Information
Intimacy Levels

Friends, Partners, Former Roommates, Sober Companion (Joan) to Addict (Sherlock).


Friends, Partners.

The relationship between: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson. Sherlock and Joan's relationship starts slowly when Joan is hired by Sherlock's father M. Holmes to work as a sober companion to Sherlock, at first Sherlock was immensely hesitant about the idea, but he later came to accept it as his father threatened him with eviction, Joan served as Sherlock's sober companion for six weeks, then she became his partner as NYPD consultant, where the two of them solve crimes.

Season oneEdit

Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson met each other when Joan went to his home in the brownstone, she was hired by his father M. Holmes, she walked in on him shirtless, infront of many TV screens.

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