Oren Watson
Oren Watson infobox 250px
Season(s) 1
Portrayed by Steve Park
First seen The Leviathan
Last seen Heroine
Episode count 2
Status Alive
Parents Mary Watson (mother)
Mr. Watson (step-father)
Unnamed birth father
Sibling(s) Joan Watson
Significant other(s) Gabrielle Harper

Oren Watson is Joan Watson's brother.


Season oneEdit

Oren is only seen when he was visiting his sister Joan Watson and having dinner with their family and Joan's friend Sherlock Holmes. He brought his girlfriend Gabrielle Harper with him, and Sherlock suspects they'll soon get engaged.[1]

He is later only heard on the phone talking to Joan, telling her that he had got a call from a doctor, telling him that their mother was in the hospital due to a fall. He was actually called by Moriarty who needed to get Joan away from Sherlock to have a conversation with her.[2]


Season one appearances
Pilot While You Were Sleeping Child Predator Rat Race
Lesser Evils Flight Risk One Way to Get Off The Long Fuse
You Do It to Yourself The Leviathan Dirty Laundry M.
The Red Team The Deductionist A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs Details
Possibility Two Déjà Vu All Over Again Snow Angels Dead Man's Switch
A Landmark Story Risk Management The Woman Heroine


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Family treeEdit

Unknown man
Mary Watson
Joan Watson'sfather100px
Mr. Watson
Joan Watson
Oren Watson


  • The fact that Joan's brother is named Oren is an inadvertent homage to Lucy Liu's character in Kill Bill, named O-Ren Ishii.[3]


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