Joshua Vikner
Joshua Vikner
Season(s) 4
Portrayed by Tony Curran
First seen The Invisible Hand
Last seen A Difference in Kind
Episode count 2
Status Dead
Occupation Criminal Mastermind, Economics Professor
Residence New York City, New York, U.S.
Significant other(s) Jamie Moriarty (mother of Kayden)
Children Kayden Fuller

Joshua Vikner, an economics professor and criminal mastermind, makes his appearance in Season 4 of Elementary.

Biography Edit

Vikner appears just to be a professor of economics, but this profession is a cover for his criminal behavior. In the past Vikner was in a romantic relationship with Jamie Moriarty, and is the biological father of her child. After Moriarty's imprisonment he took over her extensive criminal network,[1] but not without some dissent within the ranks. Other members of the group favored Morland Holmes, Shelock's father, as a more favorable successor for Moriarty. Vikner sent an assassin to kill Morland, but the attempt was unsuccessful. At the end of Season Four Morland arranges a meeting, Vikner believes it for Morland's surrender and death, but the dissenters use the opportunity to kill Vikner and bestow leadership on Morland.[2]


Season four appearances
The Past Is Parent Evidence of Things Not Seen Tag, You're Me All My Exes Live in Essex
The Games Underfoot Miss Taken A Burden of Blood
Murder Ex Machina Alma Matters Down Where the Dead Delight A View with a Room
A Study in Charlotte Who Is That Masked Man? Up to Heaven and Down to Hell Hounded
You've Got Me, Who's Got You? Ready or Not All In Art Imitates Art
Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing Turn It Upside Down The Invisible Hand A Difference in Kind


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