Gareth Lestrade is a Scotland Yard Inspector, and a former partner of Sherlock Holmes.

History Edit

According to Holmes, Lestrade was "the best of a bad bunch" among those few Scotland Yard detectives who agreed to work with him. Although Lestrade was, in Holmes's words, "utterly adequate" as a detective, Holmes was often scathing about his limitations, so the two men were not close, despite their professional respect for each other.

Because Holmes always preferred to work anonymously, he allowed Lestrade to take the credit for solving their cases, and eventually Lestrade became addicted to the glory that accrued. Lestrade himself said that those days were the best time of his life, though he denied being a glory hound, and instead simply reveled in the satisfaction of being a successful detective.

After Holmes was incapacitated by his drug addiction, Lestrade found himself struggling to work on his own and, according to his superior, DCI Tompkins, began to cut corners for the sake of closing his cases.

This came to a head when Lestrade investigated the murder of Mary Pendry, whom her husband, Lawrence, claimed had been killed by a home intruder. Lestrade suspected Lawrence himself, but could not prove it. Lawrence's father, Warren Pendry, a media mogul, employed his newspapers, and a substantial amount of money, to "paint a very ugly picture" of both Lestrade and Scotland Yard, forcing Lestrade's superiors to suspend him.


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