016 Step Nine episode still of Gareth Lestrade

Gareth Lestrade Elementary intertitle Police Inspector / Detective

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Sean Pertwee
First Appearance: "Step Nine"
Last Appearance: "Ears to You"
Episode Count: 3
So how about it Holmes? Ready to match wits?
— Lestrade, "The One Percent Solution".

Gareth Lestrade was a Scotland Yard Inspector where he worked with Sherlock Holmes.



According to Holmes, Lestrade was "the best of a bad bunch" among those few Scotland Yard detectives who agreed to work with him. Although Lestrade was, in Holmes's words, "utterly adequate" as a detective, Holmes was often scathing about his limitations, so the two men were not close, despite their professional respect for each other.

Because Holmes always preferred to work anonymously, he allowed Lestrade to take the credit for solving their cases, and eventually Lestrade became addicted to the glory that accrued. Lestrade himself said that those days were the best time of his life, though he denied being a glory hound, and instead simply reveled in the satisfaction of being a successful detective.

Season Two

After Holmes was incapacitated by his drug addiction, Lestrade found himself struggling to work on his own and, according to his superior, DCI Hopkins, began to cut corners for the sake of closing his cases. This came to a head when Lestrade investigated the murder of Mary Pendry, whom her husband, Lawrence, claimed had been killed by a home intruder. Lestrade suspected Lawrence himself, but could not prove it. Lawrence's father, Warren Pendry, a media mogul, employed his newspapers, and a substantial amount of money, to "paint a very ugly picture" of both Lestrade and Scotland Yard, forcing Lestrade's superiors to suspend him. When Warren died, Lestrade took revenge at his funeral by threatening the mourners with a grenade, besmirching Warren and then disappearing. This resulted in Hopkins calling Holmes to London to find Lestrade.

S02E01-Lestrade w grenade
I'm an officer of the law!
Holmes finds Lestrade in a pub, waiting for a security guard to go off duty so he can raid a stash of money left behind by Holmes. He convinces Holmes to help him with the Pendry case before turning him into Scotland Yard. Sherlock calls Watson to an abandoned theatre where Lestrade is hiding and while reviewing the crime scene photos, Sherlock ponders why the Pendrys have a bottle of milk when Lawrence is lactose intolerant and Mary was a devoted vegan. Sherlock also wonders why one of four bronze masks is slightly lower than the others. He gains access to Pendry's home by showing him a fake murder/suicide note from Lestrade. At the theatre, Sherlock and Watson reveal to Lestrade that Pendry used a plastic gun made with a 3D printer which he then melted in a milk bottle filled with acetone. A scorched nail behind the mask was used as a firing pin which Pendry hid by using it to hang the lower mask. Lestrade is exuberant until Sherlock points out they have no solid evidence to arrest Pendry.

002 Step Nine episode still of Gareth Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes
If you and I could work together just one last time.
After Sherlock gets a list of all 3D printers sold in the last 18 months, he has Lestrade review the list and tries to apologize for enabling Lestrade's craving for glory. Lestrade interrupts as he recognizes Nicholas Gint on the list who was Pendry's handyman and had an alibi the night Mary was murdered. They go to Gint's flat where Lestrade says that if Sherlock wants to make amends, he'll give him the credit for the case. Lestrade kicks Gint's door in and they find him dead on the floor with one of Gint's kitchen knives in his chest. Sherlock finds evidence linking Pendry to Gint's murder and Pendry is arrested at his mansion. Lestrade stands outside Pendry's home grinning. Sherlock tells Lestrade that in order to break his addiction to fame, he is not to take credit for the arrest and if he does, Sherlock will discredit his involvement. The next morning, Sherlock and Watson see Lestrade on TV claiming the credit for Pendry's arrest. Watson observes that Lestrade called Sherlock's bluff and as Sherlock expresses the peculiar emotions he's feeling, Watson points out the emotions are those involved when one cares about an addict. ("Step Nine")

S02E01-Lestrade on TV
I always knew Lawrence Pendry was guilty.
("The One Percent Solution")

Several weeks after being fired by Dick Balsille, Lestrade is still at the Brownstone where Romulus has taken a dislike to him. Although he has offers from investigation firms, he can't decide. After being mugged, Watson confronts him about drinking at the Brownstone. He admits he's lost his confidence and can't be a special detective without Holmes. Watson gives him the police case file on muggings that have happened in the area, hoping to rebuild his confidence. Lestrade tracks down the mugger to his home and knocks him out. His finds a rooster feather on the floor and believes this was a setup by Holmes. He confronts Holmes who admits to a setup (even though there wasn't one) and Lestrade announces that he's accepted a position with the Irish National Police. ("Ears to You")

S02E17-Lestrade punches
Really? Come on.

S02E17-Holmes shakes Lestrade hand
Well played sir.


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