Enough Nemesis To Go Around
Enough nemesis to go around
Directed by John Polson
Written by Robert Doherty and Craig Sweeny
Air date October 30,2014
Running time 42
Episode chronology
Previous The Grand Experiment
Next The Five Orange Pipz
Enough Nemesis To Go Around is the first episode of season three of Elementary, and the forty-ninth episode of the series. It's written by Robert Doherty and Craig Sweeny, and directed by John Polson. It's scheduled to premiere on October 30, 2014.

Summary Edit

Holmes returns to New York with a new apprentice and a renewed interest in working with the NYPD after being fired by London's MI6. However, Captain Gregson won't let him resume consulting for the department without permission from his former partner, Watson, the NYPD's new go-to private investigator.

Cast Edit

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Guest Cast Edit

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