Ears to You
Ears on Sarah Cushing's back
Season 2
Episode 17
Directed by Seith Mann
Written by Lauren MacKenzie and Andrew Gettens
Air date March 6, 2014
Running time 43 minutes
Episode chronology
Previous The One Percent Solution
Next The Hound of the Cancer Cells
Ears to You is the seventeenth episode of Season Two of Elementary, and the forty-first episode of the series. It was written by Lauren MacKenzie and Andrew Gettens, and was directed by Seith Mann. The episode premiered on March 6, 2014.


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Holmes and Watson consult on a case in which a man suspected of murdering his wife years ago receives a ransom demand for her safe return. Meanwhile, Gareth Lestrade overstays his welcome at the Brownstone and seems unwilling to leave.


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  • Bad Day by Daniel Powter is Holmes' and Watson's ringtone for Lestrade.
  • Confidence by the Dodos plays at episode end as Lestrade gloats to Watson.
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