All in the Family
All in the Family
Directed by Andrew Bernstein
Written by Jason Tracey
Air date January 9, 2014
Running time 43 minutes
Episode chronology
Previous The Diabolical Kind
Next Dead Clade Walking

All in the Family is the thirteenth episode of season two, and the thirty-seventh episode of the series. It was written by Jason Tracey. This episode was directed by Andrew Bernstein and aired on January 9, 2014.


Plot synopsisEdit

Part 1: at Police station

Sherlock Holmes (SH) asks Mr. Riley to handover his prosthetic leg. He and Joan Watson alleges tha he alongwith his accomplice Adrian Harper has stolen artefacts from Aster museum. While going through the prosthesis, Detective Nash interrupts them stating he shall take from here. SH and JW come out of room dejected working with new detective and calls him ingrate and clod . They complains to Captain Gregson . CG says they have already burned through half the squad and Detectve Bell is transferred to Demographics , they have to collaborate with other detectives, and he can't help as he is busy with rote administrative work.

part 2 : scene changes to office of Demographics

The head is assigning task to his staff. The boss assigns Bell and associate to Nemetz Oil recycling at port Norris, from where they have received some tip. His associate dissuades him to take any more field task, since she the only one carrying gun among the two.

scene shifts to Oil recycling premise

Bell asks regading tip. The employer replies it must have been some Indian guys he has hired shuffling inventory. Bell checks the store yard and surveys the oil drums. The one empty drum catches his eyes. On checking beheaded naked torso (no head, no hands) is found in the drum. Bell call for Cap Gregson for homicide.

CG, JW, SH arrive on the scene. ( Bell and SH still not in normal talking terms). JW identifies the body from scar as that of Handsome Bobby Pardillo

Scene : back to Precint

CG, JW, SH  discussing, handsome bobby last seen 21 years ago when his father was acquitted of racketeering. Booby was on the lam, due to beef with ferrara family.

To be contd....



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